taos puso lagoon sign

DEAF, Inc. Laguna Opens Taospuso Lagoon

The Taospuso Lagoon of DEAF, Inc. Laguna is now open to the public. The lagoon, developed by Taospuso Foundation of Tridharma Marketing, Inc., was opened last summer in time for the many campers flocking to the school. It is one of the first facilities made availble to the public in line with DEAF, Inc.’s ecotourism project.

Campers and other guests can enjoy kayak rides, fishing, and other water activities. DEAF, Inc. is already working on expanding the area of the lagoon to accommodate more fishing and other activities.

DEAF, Inc. thanks Tridharma Marketing, Inc. and the Taospuso Foundation for their valuable support in making the project a reality.

Visit DEAF, Inc. Laguna and experience the wonders of Taospuso Lagoon.