cover page august 2016


The latest isscover page august 2016ue of Silentword, the official newsletter of DEAF Inc. will be out soon. Readers will find interesting bits on the latest building projects lined up for Laguna and Palawan, happenings at the CBR front, and stories on people behind the organization.

An online copy will also be available on this website.

Thank you for continuing to support DEAF Inc. and its programs. Keep visiting this website for more updates.

tita sarah fully recovered


tita sarah fully recovered

It was only August 2015 when Sarah Sta. Ana, CBR Head Coordinator of DEAF Inc. suffered a stroke that paralyzed the whole left side of her body. She had to put aside her work responsibilities and focus on recovering from her condition, something very hard for someone who has dedicated almost half her life to the deaf, to do.

treeplanting at deaf incMany came together to pray for her and lend a helping hand as she went through this rough time. And by faith, perseverance, and God’s grace, less than 6 months after her attack, Sarah is back to serving God through her work at DEAF Inc.

Connect with Sarah and other special people behind DEAF Inc. and be encouraged by the wondrous ways God is using them for His work with the deaf community.

Tree Planting at DEAF Inc.

The area surrounding DEAF Inc. School Laguna remains one of the thickest forests in the province. It is rich with fresh spring waters, endemic plants, and exotic birds.

As a way to protect these natural resources, visitors of the school are encouraged to plant trees. Today there are over 600 new trees in the area. It is DEAF Inc.’s objective to continue planting and keep its environment green and healthy.

treeplanting at deaf inc

Help DEAF Inc. plant more trees. Visit the school today! For inquiries please send a message through this website or email at

One tree makes a lot of difference!

gliben tent city sign

Tents are up at Gliben Tent City, DEAF, Inc.

DEAF, Inc. Laguna is fast becoming a sought after destination for people looking for a place to camp or do other outdoor activities. In recent years, groups have been visiting the school for retreats, teambuilding, summer outings, or to simply enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. The newly opened Gliben Tent City provides a safe to pitch their own tents or even use the tents made available to guests.

Gliben Tent City is a project sponsored by DEAF, Inc. Board Member, Mr. Gideon Bendicion and his wife Leonida. With the tent city, DEAF, Inc. hopes to bring in more guests and campers to the school. There is so much to experience there and DEAF, Inc. hopes to share them with others.

For interested parties, please get in touch with DEAF, Inc. There is always a place for you at the Gliben Tent City.

taos puso lagoon sign

DEAF, Inc. Laguna Opens Taospuso Lagoon

The Taospuso Lagoon of DEAF, Inc. Laguna is now open to the public. The lagoon, developed by Taospuso Foundation of Tridharma Marketing, Inc., was opened last summer in time for the many campers flocking to the school. It is one of the first facilities made availble to the public in line with DEAF, Inc.’s ecotourism project.

Campers and other guests can enjoy kayak rides, fishing, and other water activities. DEAF, Inc. is already working on expanding the area of the lagoon to accommodate more fishing and other activities.

DEAF, Inc. thanks Tridharma Marketing, Inc. and the Taospuso Foundation for their valuable support in making the project a reality.

Visit DEAF, Inc. Laguna and experience the wonders of Taospuso Lagoon.

Hapee fushion 1

Silent Minstrels at Fusion Music Festival 2015

The first staging of Fusion Music Festival 2015 was a night to remember. Members of the Hapee Silent Minstrels, some of which are alumni of DEAF, Inc., had a chance to perform alongside the top musical artists in the country today.

The group interpreted the song “Rainbow” originally recorded by Southborder. They were joined onstage by singer Mark Mabasa, who sang the song.

That night, the Hapee Silent Minstres demonstrated how the deaf can also take part in musical events to showcase their God-given talents.

After their performance, the group had a chance to enjoy the night of music, dancing, and grooving to the beat of OPM.hapee fusion 2


wedding anniv 1

A Celebration of 25 Years Marriage at DEAF, Inc.

Pastor Buddy Cuare and his wife Helen celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at DEAF, Inc., Laguna. Pastor Cuare has been serving DEAF, Inc. as School Director for over 15 years.  His wife is the Guidance Counselor at the school.

The couple have three children: Joy, Bryan, and Kenneth, all raised and formed under the Christian values of DEAF, Inc.

God bless you, Pastor Buddy and Mrs. Helen Cuare!