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CBR Updates

The CBR team of DEAF, Inc. is blessed to have received pledges for new school houses to be built in Palawan and Laguna. The school houses will be ready for occupation by 2016 school year. DEAF, Inc. students of Sta. Cruz and Napsan, palawan, and Cavinti, Laguna are the beneficiaries of the new structures. Of course the school houses will be open to any deaf child that wishes to get an education from DEAF, Inc., regardless of where they come from. Recently groundbreaking ceremonies were held at Sta. Cruz and Napsan, while the Cavinti construction is likewise underway. The school houses are donated by Mr. Cecilio Pedro, through the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc.


Wrangler Jeans Donates to Students and Staff of DEAF Inc.

Wrangler Jeans, one of the leading garment brands in the world, donated over a hundred pairs of their latest designs to DEAF Inc. Students, teachers, and staff enjoyed choosing from a variety of pants, shorts, skirts, and other denim products.

Ptr. Cuare and Mr. Henry Magistrado received the Wrangler Pants from Mr. Pedro

This is the first time that the garment giant donated to DEAF Inc., but hopefully it will not be the last. The garments were take to the school by Mr. Pedro and were received by Ptr. Cuare.


Dee Brothers: Loyal Supporters of DEAF Inc.

The sons of DEAF Inc. Assistant Treasurer, Domingo Dee, have been loyal supporters of the organization for years now.

The most recent assistance they provided was to give our schools five (5) brand new computer laptops. Both schools in Laguna and Palawan will benefit from this gift by the Dee Brothers.

John, Kenneth, and Bryan Dee with DEAF Inc. Chairman, Cecilio Pedro. The Chairman received the computers from the Dee brothers in behalf of the organization

Students of each school will have more comprehensive lessons in computer applications, which they need to help them as future educators.

Thank you to Kenneth, John, and Bryan!