Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation, Inc. (DEAF, Inc.) was founded in 1969 by the mother-daughter missionary team of Ada Mable and Rev. Aimee Ada Coryell from the United States. They came to Asia with the goal of setting up Christian churches for the deaf in the region. When they arrived in the Philippines they realized that many Filipino deaf did not know sign language, giving them very limited means to communicate. This prompted their decision to put up a school first. DEAF Inc. School was established to educate the deaf and prepare them for missionary work.

The first school house was built on the mountains of Cavinti, Laguna. To get there, students, teachers, staff, and guests had to take a 7.5km trek up the mountain. Supplies like food, medicines, books and other school materials, were flown in by helicopter through the help of Flying Medical Samaritans. To ease the difficult travel to and from school, a dormitory was built to house the students and teachers during the year. DEAF, Inc. became the first boarding school to provide free education to the deaf in the Philippines.

DEAF, Inc., the organization, was incorporated in 1981. 15 Filipino Christian church leaders joined Rev. Coryell in the Board and it was Mr. SC Shangkuan that was elected as the first Chairman of the organization. During his time CBM International of Germany became the primary funding partner of DEAF, Inc. This partnership allowed for an expansion of the school and other programs. Mr. Shangkuan continued as Chairman until his death in the late 1990’s. He was succeeded by Mr. Cecilio K. Pedro, who remains DEAF, Inc. Chairman today.

Mission and Goals

The main purpose of DEAF, Inc. is to bring the good news of God’s love to the deaf community by developing strong Christian deaf leaders as missionaries and teachers.

It is believed that only 1% of the deaf population in the country receives formal education. DEAF, Inc. hopes to uplift the lives of more deaf in the country through its schools and programs. It is through education that the organization reaches out to as many deaf as possible and shares with them the love of God through a caring environment promoted within the schools. The comfort and security receive by the students help them assimilate well in other communities and give them confidence to achieve their full potentials as workers for God’s name. DEAF, Inc. helps students leverage through a competitive spirit and a confident resolve in addressing the challenges of being Christian leaders in today’s society.